Van Shelving and Racking

Van Shelving


No matter what you use your van for, be it work or home, you’ll quickly find that the more equipment, tools, and gear that you have, the less organized it can become and the more time is wasted trying to find the right tool.  This is particularly relevant when you use your van as your workplace and need to have all your equipment with you on the road. That is why van shelving or storage systems are such a worthwhile investment in that they offer easy to locate bins, shelves, and cupboards as well as keeping your equipment safe and damage free.

The most popular and versatile storage systems incorporate shelves and racks which are attached to the interior panels of the van and can either be customized or bought of the shelf.  The shelving systems are varied in shape and size to fit any van and come in a range of storage options including shelves, racks, bars, and cupboards, as well as cubby systems for tools and smaller items.

Many of the designed are manufactured from coated or galvanized steel making them durable and can include either steel drawers or plastic bins or even a combination of both.  Depending on your own personal needs, you may want to look at the following systems available on the market to see which is best for your van shelving and racking.

Van Racking

van-rackingVan tool boxes and van storage boxes are a worthwhile investment in additional storage space as well as security in knowing that you can leave your gear in your truck or van without it being stolen.

There is a range of different van tool boxes on the market depending on the size of storage you need as well as the location of where you want it to be placed.  The most common places to put your toolbox include the op mounted behind the cab, side mounted along the side of the truck bed or the crossover which is ideal for pickup van and is located behind the cab.  Some of the systems are bolted to the truck bed whilst others can be removed and relocated.

Depending on what you intend to put in your toolbox, you´ll be looking at a range of different construction materials from plastic to steel. For lightweight options, plastic is the most inexpensive but is not very durable and for heavier equipment is not going to last very long.  An alternative in the lightweight department would be to invest in aluminum tool boxes which are far more durable but are not as heavy as steel.

Powder coated steel tool boxes last longest and can handle a wide range of extreme weather conditions.  Look for boxes that have insulated lids and a secure locking system as well as weather seals in order to keep moisture out and prevent corrosion.

A List of Storage Systems:-

Side Racking Systems – Attached to the side of the van through universal mounting brackets, they consist of any arrangement of shelves, drawers, cubbies, and cupboards.

Slide-Out Systems – Set on rails or coasters, this system is great for smaller vans where space is a premium.

Walk in Systems – For larger vans where conversion of the van is for an entire workshop space.

Racking systems for roof and sides –  Ideal for ladders and other equipment that may be too long for internal storage

Modular Systems – Ideal for vans that require varying storage needs and permanent shelving systems are too limiting.

Depending on your own personal needs, you may also want to investigate specific storage solutions for your van including galvanized baskets for larger tools, first aid kits and tool boxes, a rear ladder roller system or a ladder carrying frame and smaller plastic or metal cubby systems for smaller items.

Van storage and shelving systems not only make keeping track of stock and tools much easier but will ensure that they remain protected and secure no matter what the driving conditions.